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Party Themes for Summer 2017

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson


School is out and it’s officially summer, time to celebrate! We’ve thrown together a list of the trendiest kids party ideas of the season. The best part is - you don’t even have to find a venue! All of these parties can be organized  in your home or your backyard!

Use these ideas to throw the best kid’s party of the summer! Check out our corresponding Pinterest boards to find inspiration for each of these creative themes:

Backyard Drive-In. Like the good old days, but better.

Drive-ins, for the most part, are a thing of the past. Revive this old-school tradition by turning it into a fun and memorable summer event for the kids! What you’ll need: a projector, a large white sheet, the kids’ favorite movies, some comfy seating, and of course, snacks! Go the extra mile and build your own cardboard box cars and set up a popcorn and candy concession stand. This idea is a great way to get the whole neighborhood together!

Wild Safari. An awesome theme for your little party animal.

Take your kids on a wild safari through your own private jungle! This party theme can be organized either indoors or outdoors. Keep the kids active by taking them out for an animal scavenger hunt. Recycle cardboard rolls from toilet paper to create customized binoculars. Mix and match animal prints and artificial jungle leaves for decor to transcend your little adventurers across the world. Let the kids get even more in-touch with their inner animal by booking a face painter to create some fierce beast-inspired looks.

Modern Mermaid. Your little mermaid will love the trendiest theme of the year.

This theme has taken over 2017 and it will make your little one feel like a princess of the seas. Not only is this theme super trendy, it’s also very easy to pull off! Get inspired from the colors of the ocean and underwater creatures: blues, greens, and purples. Activities include sand art, painting seashells, and decorating personalized treasure chests. You can also build your own photo booth frame adorned with shells, fishing nets, and of course, glitter.

Summer Superheroes. Save the day with this classic theme by giving it a contemporary spin.

Superhero parties are so much fun, there’s a hero and superpower for everybody! Incorporate vivid pop art with the summer’s trending colors and statement balloons to “wow” all of your guests. Set up an obstacle course so all your little heroes can show off their super strengths. Grant your kids flying superpowers by renting a bounce house that they can soar and jump in for a little while.

Chic Circus. Step right up...to the coolest party this summer!

A circus party theme is a great idea for the summer, as you can set it all up in your backyard. Prepare for a day full of games, prizes, entertainment, and food! Add a modern touch to the typical red and white pinstripes with pops of gold and fancy photo props. For the main event, consider hiring a magician, clown, or juggler.