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Kids Party Tip #7: When the Birthday Boy Changes his Mind



When it comes to planning parties for children under the age of 5-years-old, it can be tricky to hire your entertainer too early because kids at this age often change their minds regarding the theme. For instance, your child may express interest in an Under The Sea theme, but within a few weeks (or maybe even days!) he says it’s all about cars.This is especially tricky when planning parties around the holidays when entertainers book up fast and you need to book a couple of months in advance to secure your entertainer. As you begin to plan his party, take note of your child's interests and have him tell you what he absolutely loves – perhaps he does love sea creatures, but cars may be favorite toys too. Take a gauge of what he likes best and also what will make for the most versatile entertainment for the upcoming party.

Look to hire an entertainer who may be able to handle multiple interests or, if you must hire a character to fit a specific theme, inquire if he could incorporate the other interest in the entertainment routine. As an example, you may hire a circus clown who can make car balloons for the kids to take home. Once you have booked your entertainer, make sure to tell your child about his special party and be enthusiastic to maintain his interest in the theme too.

Have you had a party theme emergency with your child?  How did you save the day?  Let us know your tips in the comments below.