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Kids Party Tip: Allergies

Marta Block


Chocolate, peanut butter, dairy, latex, pets, flowers ... it seems like anything found at a kid's party is a potential death trap for small guests. How does a parent throw a party without risking a small guest's life, or her own sanity? We've got tips!

1. No nuts (except the guests)- Depending on the age of your guests you're more or less likely to know which kids are allergic to what. To be on the safe side, try and avoid serving party food that contains nuts. If you do plan on having peanut butter sandwiches or other nut foods, make sure to label everything containing nuts (check out these cute buffet cards from Chickabug). If your cake comes from a bakery or store, make sure you know their nut policy so that you can sure that info with the parents.

2. Reduce the allergens- Flowers make beautiful centerpieces, but for a kid's party they just aren't needed. Lollipops make great centerpieces and can double as party favors, or even arranging the goody bags, cake or party favors creatively can take the place of a centerpiece. Although your pet may be a member of the party, he isn't needed at the party. This is especially true for young guests who may be afraid of animals, or young pets who may be afraid of kids!

3. Ask the parents- When parents RSVP for their kids make sure to ask if there are any allergies you should know about, you can also ask at drop off. Keep in mind that kids are not always great at communicating with adults, especially if they don't know you well, so you're better off asking parents than kids.

4. Do ask and do tell! If you know that a guest has an allergy, make sure to share that info with any entertainers or other party professionals. A clown may plan on passing out candy, a face painter or balloon twister may use latex in gloves or balloons.

5. Don't stress Remember, the goal of any host is for her guests to feel comfortable. If you do discover that one of your guests is allergic to something you're serving, simply remove the offending item. Kids can be ultra-sensitive to being different, so try and handle any issues as quietly as possible.

Need more great party tips for kids? Check out our party planning tips! Have you encountered health or allergy issues at your kid's party? Share in the comments.