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Kids Party Tip #11: Help! My Child’s Birthday is Close to Halloween



When your child’s birthday is on, or close to, Halloween, you may get stuck in a rut of Halloween or autumn themed parties.  However, it is important to be sensitive to the fact that your child may not always want the same holiday theme each year.  Alternatively, throwing an annual Halloween party that celebrates your child may become a tradition that your child loves.
The first step in having a birthday party close to Halloween is asking your child what he or she wants for the party and being sensitive to the fact that it may NOT be Halloween themed. If you are planning a birthday party that falls close to or on Halloween make sure to send your invitations out well in advance (4 to 6 weeks ahead) so that families can get it on their calendars early during this busy time of year. You'll want to make sure that the invitations are clear that this is a birthday party (not a Halloween party). If you're having a costume or Halloween theme, include that information as well.
If you want to have the party ON Halloween, think about trick or treat traditions and timing in your neighborhood, and schedule the party so that it doesn't conflict. You don't want your little monster to be disappointed by friends who choose trick or treating over the party, and you also don't want the party constantly interrupted by a ringing doorbell. Finally, while you don't want to deprive your little goblin of a birthday cake, consider limiting other sweets. Parents will thank you if during this candy-filled season you choose other treats for goody bags such as bubbles, bouncy balls or even fake teeth and blood!
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