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Kids Party Tip: Craft Time

Marta Block


Crafts and kids' parties go together like cake and ice cream. It's a perfect combo, with plenty of room to go wrong! If you're looking for some ideas for how to get kids crafting at your next party, without driving yourself crazy, we can help.

Theme based crafts are a great idea because they can double as party favors. Many children's party entertainers are adept at hands-on activities and crafts that fit in with their performance. Ask your entertainer for ideas and if he or she is available to help facilitate the craft time. If not, consider getting outside help. Children have different abilities when it comes to things like cutting and gluing. Although professional sitters are always a bonus, this is also a great chance to try out the 12-13 year old neighbor as a potential babysitter. You may find yourself with a new date night sitter. One of the best rules for kids' crafts is to always plan one more than you think you have time for. Keep in mind that the same children who are happy to color quietly on a rainy day are going to act a little differently with the excitement of friends and a party. Crafts you expected to take 20 minutes may only take 10. Some crafts may also just not work the way you intended. It's important to know when to abandon ship, even if that ship is made out of popsicle sticks! If a craft, or the whole idea of crafts, just isn't working let it go and engage the kids in something more physical. If possible, set up two or three tables or stations with different crafts. Divide the guests in to small groups and let them move from table to table at their own pace. Keep your extra craft in reserve so that you can return the supplies if they don't get used. If the crafts involve glue make sure to have a safe "drying area" where the crafts can hang out until it's time to go home. It's also thoughtful to provide parents with a plastic bag in which to place any wet crafts.

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