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Kids Party Tip: December Birthdays!

Marta Block


Sure, when you were pregnant having a child in the last few weeks of December seemed like a great idea. Everyone was in a good mood, there were tax deductions to be had and free time that others could use to help you out, but now that Junior is here, and wants his birthday acknowledged, things aren't so rosy. There's no way around it, having a late December birthday is hard on a kid, and thus, hard on a parent. Don't despair though, we have tips. 

Go Early or Delay When your child is still young enough to be flexible about things like dates, try creating a tradition of holding your child's birthday party in early December (before the holiday madness starts) or early-mid January (when it's all over). Having the party early or late will not only make it more likely that guests can attend, but will help you budget more efficiently as well. Setting the tradition up early will mean less arguing when your child is school age.

Plan Ahead If you do want to have the party closer to your child's birthday, you'll need to plan ahead. All sorts of entertainers, including those that specialize in children's entertainment are extra busy this time of year. Not only do they have full professional schedules, they have their own family plans, too. Make sure to send out invitations on the early side, and consider sending an email reminder to follow up a couple of days before the party.

Don't Multi-Task Do you really have to have a holiday party for your family and a separate birthday party for your child? Obviously, that's up to you, but if your other children get separate birthday parties, be fair to the December one. The same goes with present shopping. If your other child gets one big present at Christmas and one big present for her birthday, shouldn't this one get the same, even if his birthday is ON Christmas?

The Half Birthday If your schedule and budget simply won't allow you to celebrate your December kid's birthday in the same way as you would if it were a different time of year, make a new tradition - the half birthday! This will be a lot easier to explain to an older child, but even a little kid can appreciate having two birthdays. Acknowledge your December kid's birthday on the right date with a special dinner or sleep over and a small gift, but plan a bigger party  for June! This way you can spread out the expenses (and the fun) over six months. Plus, in June, you can have the party outdoors!

Are you a December birthday like me? Did you ever resent it?