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Kids Party Tip: Inviting Siblings

Marta Block


Wondering whether or not to invite siblings to your child's party? We've got some tips for helping you decide.

1. Do you expect the guests to be "dropped off"? If your child is young enough that you expect parents to stick around, then it is polite to invite close-in-age siblings. If the party is for a drop off aged child, than it isn't nearly as much trouble for the parent to make other arrangements for older or younger siblings.

2. Do you have older or younger children? A bored eight year old at a six year old's party can be just as disruptive as a bored four year old. If you have other children and your child's friends have similarly aged children than inviting at least a few siblings can be a great way to keep everyone occupied. You don't have to invite everyone's sibling, but of course you don't want to single anyone out.

3. Do you know the siblings? Usually people invite siblings if the entire family is friendly with each other. But, if you don't know the siblings, don't feel obligated to invite them.

4. How much of an age difference? Kids 2 years apart can easily be invited to the same party, but if one of your child's friends has a sibling 3 or more years older or younger than inviting the sibling could become a problem. A party meant for a four year old just won't be of interest to a seven year old, and well, see the above point about bored kids becoming disruptive.

5. Is the entertainment age-specific? Face painters and balloon twisters can work for any age group, but other entertainers like magicians may specialize in a certain age group. Even kids' bands may tailor their performance to a specific age group. If you plan to invite siblings and have a wide variety of ages, make sure to check in with your entertainment first.

How do you decide whether or not to invite siblings? Tell us in the comments.