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Kids Party Tip: Odd Kid Out

Marta Block


Have you ever been to a party where the only person you knew was the host? Imagine having that feeling as a little kid? For some kids (and some adults) it's no problem, but for others it can be a source of anxiety for the guest and host alike. If you're worried that might happen to a guest at your kid's party, we've got tips. Maybe the guest is a cousin, or a friend from a different class, or all the other kids that guest knew couldn't make it. Whatever the situation, being sensitive to the needs of your guest can teach the birthday boy or girl a great lesson about hosting duties.

1. If you realize ahead of time that this guest will be on her own, try and see if she could arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than the other guests. This will allow her to become completely comfortable in the space, and meet the first guests as they arrive. For most kids that's much easier than trying to insert themselves in to an existing party. As an added benefit, it will keep the birthday child occupied and out of your hair!

2. If you're having an entertainer, let him or her know about the situation. If the magician requires an extra helper besides the birthday boy, choosing this singleton will help him gain a special status in the eyes of the other guests, and give them something to talk about.

3. As with adult guests, keep an eye out. If she appears to be turning in to a wallflower, encourage your birthday child to introduce her to other friends. This is also a great task for an older sibling to take on.

4. Don't worry. We've all been there, learning how to deal with awkward social situations is just part of growing up. Be friendly and helpful, and don't let the child suffer alone, but don't neglect the birthday child or the rest of the party either.

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