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Kids Party Tip: The Big Game

Marta Block


For sports fans planning a party "in season" can be difficult. It's even more difficult when you're planning a kid's party. Trying to schedule around sporting events as well as all the kids' various activities can leave you with a six year old's party at 9 pm on a Tuesday night. Obviously, not a great solution.

The obvious solution involves a DVR, but it can be hard to convince a true fan that he or she doesn't need to see the game as it happens, especially if there's money or bragging rights riding on the game.  For an adult party you can have a TV on in one room of the house while the party goes on in other rooms, but this isn't as easy for kids. Even kids who aren't that interested in sports can be mesmerized by a TV and miss out on other party activities. Commercials also present a problem since not all commercials are age appropriate for all children.

If there is a TV available in a room that party guests won't wander in to than adults can take turns watching the game. If the party has a sports theme and the majority of the kids are interested then turning a TV on fora pre-scheduled part of the party can be a good solution. If you want the game to be part of the party make sure to let any entertainment you're hiring know of the plans. If your child is the mega-fan and not a parent it may be worth giving him or her a choice between a regular birthday party and simply having two or three friends over to watch the game.