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Kids Party Tip: The Sick Guest

Marta Block


The party is in full swing, people are having a great time and then, someone throws up. No, this isn't a frat party, it's a birthday party for a five year old. When kids get sick they tend to get sick quickly and obviously! Whether it's the excitement of the party, too much cake and juice, or a dormant flu that picks the worst possible moment to reveal itself, it's unfortunately normal (and gross) that kids occasionally throw up at parties. We have tips for how to handle it. 

The first order of business is of course to get things cleaned up before you start an unfortunate chain reaction that's very common in kids! This is definitely one place where having professional entertainment can come in handy. Trust us, a professional children's entertainer has seen it all before and can think on his or her feet to distract the rest of the guests (in another room of course). Whatever you do, try and remain calm and as un-disgusted as possible. The child may be mortified and your job as a host is to help him or her feel better. Make sure other kids also understand that there's no need to talk about what happened, and if no one else saw the child getting ill, there's no need for you to mention it. Of course, when parents arrive to pick up their children, you will need to mention it to them, in case it was a flu or other contagious bug.

You can try and limit the likelihood of a sick child by scheduling activities and entertainment appropriately. The bounce house or energetic dancing shouldn't come immediately after cake and ice cream. Engaging kids in activities throughout the party, instead of having unlimited snacking will also help. After you've cleaned child and area and called the parents, relax. One day this will just be a funny story you tell!