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Kids Party Tip: To Evite or Not

Marta Block


Last week I sent my child to a costume party in regular clothes. I could blame the mix up on my own lack of organization, but I prefer instead to blame Evite! For some reason, when I get an invitation via email I can not keep track of the details. I have noticed that Evite is becoming much more popular for kid's parties, so for this week's tip, I thought I'd share some pros and cons about whether or not to use it.

 PROS • If you're dealing with preschool or grade school age children sending the invitation directly to the parent ensures that the parent will in fact get the invitation (instead of it staying in a kid's backpack until the day before the party).

• Many schools discourage handing out invitations at school (and you shouldn't do this unless you're inviting the entire class).

• Saves paper and postage • Evite provides reminder notices, and allows you to add last minute information.

• Parents can keep the invitation on their phone and find your house or venue more easily.

• Online RSVPs are convenient for you and your entertainment or other vendors, since everyone can keep track of the numbers attending.

CONS • You may not have all the correct emails, or may have emails wrong and believe you've invited people who don't know about the party.

• People are less likely to RSVP online since they often put it aside, or check their email on their phone, etc.

• It is often unclear who in the family the invitation is for, are all kids included? There's no way to indicate this on evite.

• Kids miss out on the excitement of getting an invitation in the mail.

• People read differently online, so parents may miss details like what time the party entertainment starts, or you know, that it's a costume party.

What do you think? Are electronic invitations good for kids' parties or not? What's your favorite company for online invitations? Let us know in the comments.