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Kids Party Tip: Tracking the Kids

Marta Block


If you're having a party in a public venue, or you're having a large number of kids keeping track of everyone can be difficult. This is especially true if you don't know all the guests very well. If you're looking for some creative ways to make sure you have everyone, we can help. The best way to make sure you have everyone is to create a sign in sheet. To make things fast, create a three column table with the children's first names printed in alphabetical order. Parents can use the second column to leave their cell phone number. Later, you can use the third column to make a note of what present each child brought for thank you note writing (leave this column unlabeled, writing gifts on top is tacky). If you're feeling creative, you can decorate the borders with theme appropriate images.

For a sports party, call the sheet "the team roster," for a pirate party it might be the "crew list" and for a princess party "the royal guard." Allowing children to decorate their own name tags is a great first party activity (early arrivers can work until others arrive). For younger children you can pre-print their name on a large index card and provide stickers for decorating. Yarn and a hole punch allows the guest to wear the name tag. If you buy printer friendly cards you can pre print the card with an image relevant to the party theme. If you're buying printed paper goods from a source like Chickabug, ask about name tags.  

How will you keep track of kids at your party?