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Kid's Theme Party: All-Star Baseball Bash

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


The recent MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix, AZ got us thinking, “What a great excuse for a party!” Whether you’re hosting a viewing party with a big screen TV, or want to host a baseball-themed party on another day, we’ve got tips to help you score a home run. Obviously, your backyard is your most cost-effective option, add in baseball inspired decorations, a game of wiffle ball and a baseball on the spoon relay and you’re ready to play!

If you’re having younger kids, they can create their own baseball pennants for their favorite team or decorate their own baseballs with supplies purchased at Michaels or your local craft store. If you’re having a large group, see if your local park district will let you rent a field for your own baseball game. Why not consider hiring a DJ to provide music and commentary for a really big league feel! Cracker jacks and soft pretzels are a must as far as snacking is concerned (peanuts, too if you’re sure you don’t have to worry about allergy issues).  But, for the main course, why not whip up some more creative menu options like “Home Run Hoagies” or “Strikeout Salad”?  Adding new items to the standard burger and hot dog options will surely make for full (and happy) kids. Renting a cotton candy maker or popcorn machine is also a great way to bring the feel of the ballpark right to your event.

When it comes to dessert Ice cream sundaes served in mini-team helmets makes for a fun, authentic and inexpensive option.  The helmets can also do double duty as party favors. Other great party favor ideas include baseball cards, sweatbands, small boxes of Cracker Jacks, or other small team paraphernalia. Decorating the birthday cake with a team logo or making it in the shape of a glove or baseball will suit the occasion perfectly. As with any outdoor party, you may want to consider renting a tent to be on the safe side. But, if the party really has a rain delay, you can move inside and play a game of baseball trivia followed by some classic, kid-appropriate baseball movies like The SandlotAngels in the Outfield or Rookie of the Year.

So, what do you think? Is an All-Star Kid’s Party a home run or a swing and a miss? Share your ideas in the comments section.