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A Lego Birthday Party

Marissa Latshaw


Building Lego creations is by far the most popular activity in our house. So, it's no surprise that my son chose Lego as the theme for his 6-year birthday party earlier this month. Once he decided on the theme, I searched every corner of the Web for inspiration and then started to "build" a Lego-themed backyard birthday party.

Invitations To keep things simple, I decided to focus on the day of the party, instead of the invitations. In past years, I spent late nights printing, cutting, and pasting invitations to perfection.  This year, I found an adorable picture of my son, uploaded it to Punchbowl and voila, I had an invitation. And, Punchbowl's date-voting feature was a huge time-saver, allowing me to easily find a date that worked best for everyone - which is key when you're planning a birthday in the summertime.

Colors & Shapes Lego bricks are so colorful which makes for beautiful and vibrant party decorations. My son's two favorite colors are red and green so we used those two colors for the balloons and paper products. (lime green, so it didn't look like a Christmas party). I chose square, solid-colored plates from the local party store. But, they didn't have Lego napkins - so I ordered those from BirthdayExpress. And, we chose Lego Star Wars plates and napkins to serve the birthday cake. On the table, I filled a clear vase with large Duplo Lego's, and tied the balloons to them - and then lined the middle of the table with clear cups filled with Lego's. I must give credit to DeliaCreates for the Lego-filled vase idea!

Lego theme party table decor

Entertainment Fortunately it was a beautiful summer day (after the morning downpour) , so we inflated a water slide which kept the kids cool and busy for the first half hour or so. Then, we moved into a Lego relay race. The kids were split into two teams - each child had to put a Lego brick under their chin, run across the grass, drop it in a bucket and then run back. The first team to get all the Lego's over to the other side won! Then, everyone headed over to the table for our "Lego Build." Remember the clear Lego-filled cups that acted as part of the colorful centerpiece? Each child picked a cup and used the bricks to build their own creation. When they were done, I asked them what they called their creation, wrote it on a piece of paper and displayed it on our grass gallery. This was my absolute favorite part of the whole day, watching each child concentrate on their work of art (that doubled as a great party favor).

Lego gallery

By now, our little guests were hot and sweaty. They welcomed the chance to go inside to cool down for a magic show which lasted for about 35 minutes. The magician had everyone laughing - kids and parents alike. Best of all, he made the birthday boy the star of the show!

Who's hungry? Time for pizza and cake. My mom started a tradition last year of bringing a giant tray of eggplant parmesan and a salad to the party. The grown-ups really appreciated having an alternative to pizza. For dessert, I asked a local baker to make a Lego brick-shaped cake. It came out very cute, but not as nice as some of the pictures I had seen. Looking back, I should have sent the baker a picture (or made it myself).

Lego brick cake

Goodie Buckets When I saw these Lego-shaped buckets at the party store, I immediately knew I had my container for the goodie bag.  Our local candy store sells Lego candy by the pound. My son and I had fun together counting out the bricks and filling the individual bags. And, we included a Lego mystery mini-figure in each bucket.

Lego goodie bags

I heard one child, on his way to the car say to his mom, "that was awesome!" My son had a smile on his face all day long. Success!!

Are you planning a Lego-themed party? Tell us about it and share links to your favorite sites. And, if you have any questions for me, ask away in our comments section below!