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Lady Gaga & Your Bridal Party

Marta Block


You may have read that Lady Gaga recently served as a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding. By all accounts Lady Gaga toned down her natural style, and as you can see, the bridesmaid's dress didn't look any better on her than it does on anyone else! If you aren't friends with a superstar you're probably less worried about being outshone at your wedding and more concerned about how to make sure your bridal party feels appreciated.

The first step is obviously to make sure you do the simplest thing and say "thank you" loudly and frequently. But there are other ways to make sure the bridal party is happy.

For starters, if you or your partner are planning on making your own toast or speech, make sure to publicly thank everyone in your bridal party as part of the speech. Even people not as outgoing as Lady Gaga appreciate a little public acknowledgment. Talk to your band leader or DJ and get their ideas on when the perfect time for this speech might be. You should also talk to your band leader or DJ about how to incorporate special music or numbers for your bridal party. Even if you want to have a "no requests" policy with your music consider adding in songs that you know are special to your nearest and dearest.

Make sure to discuss seating arrangements with your bridal party ahead of time. Some couples love the idea of having their bridal party sit at a head table at the reception. But, your bridal party may prefer to sit with their significant others, or even other friends. There's no right or wrong answer to where people sit, as long as you're keeping the feelings of others in mind.

If you're looking for something really special to do for your bridal party, and you just can't get the idea of Lady Gaga at your wedding out of your head, why not hire a Lady Gaga impersonator or other tribute artist to give a special "thanks" to your bridal party!