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Lego's Stress-Free Summer Party

Marissa Latshaw


It must be so fun to work at Lego - getting to build stuff with little plastic bricks all day. OK, so maybe that's not what everybody does there. Regardless, it must be a pretty cool place. But, even the Lego employees get stressed out some of the time -  it is a job after all. A couple weeks ago, they hosted a Stress-Free Summer Party, complete with chair massages, manicures, a cupcake truck, volleyball, and basketball tournaments. And guess who they turned to for entertainment? To cap off their fun day of lounging and playing in the hot sun, Lego employee and party planner, Alexis Hanson, turned to GigMasters to help her find and book the steel-drum sounds of The White-Eyed Lizard Band. "The White-Eyed Lizard Band did an excellent job at our event." says  Hanson. "We thought the best way to end the event would be to have some margaritas and a band out on our patio.  We did a fiesta theme so the food was a full taco/fajita bar.  The music fit perfectly into the ‘stress free’ theme as they played Caribbean sounds.  Always good music to hear with a margarita in hand!" Kurt Ginter, keyboard and vocalist for the band really enjoyed the day too.  "The music seemed to take the employees away from their every day work environment.

A little tropical oasis escape from the regular work routine. One only hopes that the Lego staff were feeling an overall tropical breeze from the atmosphere our music brought on such a hot afternoon." Corporate events are a great opportunity to celebrate your employees and all their hard work. With a stress-free theme, excellent food (so I was told by Ginter), and the right entertainment, I'm sure the Lego staff walked away refreshed and ready to start another day of building amazing creations like the ones currently on exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Not only was Hanson happy with the band, she paid us a compliment too, "GigMasters was great for reviews and samples of the music." Thanks, Alexis!

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