Live it Up on Labor Day: Party Inspiration

Chelsea PellegrinoContributor

Labor Day weekend is the final hurrah of summer- that makes it a pretty important occasion! Celebrate Labor Day firstly, by not doing any form of labor, and secondly, by throwing a party inspired by these photos...


Grilled watermelonSource: The Stay at Home Chef

Watermelon in the summer is a no brainer, but how about grilling it? This recipe using cilantro and lime may just change the way you eat watermelon. Forever.

Grilled corn on the cobSource: HubPages

While you've got the grill on, whip up one of these delicious grilled corn on the cob recipes!

Source: Stagetecture

Hop off the grill and start mixing up this quick and easy veggie pasta salad.


Mini pies on a stickSource: Loverly

These pie pops are almost too cute to eat! (Note: We said almost.)

Fresh fruit popsicle, red white and blue

Source: Oh My! Creative

Patriotic fruit popsicles that are tasty and healthy? Count us in!


Watermelon nectarine mint cooler drinks in mason jarsSource: The Hopeless Housewife

Watermelon, nectarine and mint coolers are the perfect mouth-watering mix. Check out the recipe here.

Blue lemonade cocktail in mason jarSource: Celebrations

There are no Monday blues on Labor Day, except for maybe this lemonade cocktail!

Watermelon keg with drinksSource:

We're predicting this "fruit as a keg" discovery to be the next big thing at summer parties. Here's how to make one!


DIY wreath with hamburger and ketchup for summer party

Source: Pinterest

Don't you want your own labor day door wreath? You're in luck: make one here.

Picnic table set up with tartan cloth and ants

Source: Event Trender

It just doesn't get any cooler than this picnic table setting, complete with roaming ants!

Vintage patriotic party table set upSource: Oh My! Creative

Or, take things back in time with this vintage set-up.

No matter how you celebrate your day of no work, all play- we want you to share it with us! Tell us about your Labor Day party in the comments below.