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Most Popular Kids' Party Themes: Minecraft for Your Minis

Katherine Lee


One of the most popular kids' party themes is Minecraft, the blocky computer building game that has become a certified hit with adults and kids alike. Minecraft has become hugely popular among kids as young as school-age because the game can work for players of various skill levels and ages and players can either play alone or online with friends to build a world or to survive by evading monsters, building shelters, etc. Not surprisingly, as sales of Minecraft have risen, so has the demand for Minecraft party ideas.

If you have a Minecraft-obsessed child, here are some ideas for how to throw a super-fun Minecraft-themed party for kids:

Minecraft party ideas

Photo Credit: MinecraftPartySolved

Creeper Cakes, "Gems" Treats, and More Ideas for Treats and Decorations

Sites like Pinterest can provide lots of great Minecraft party ideas including recipes and instructions for how to make DIY Minecraft party decorations. From Creeper cupcakes to using foods to represent rare metals and gems (emeralds, diamonds, gold, etc.), there are lots of ideas to be found online. Some of the easiest and coolest ideas out there:

Creeper cake or cupcakes: Bake a favorite cake and decorate with green frosting. Add the creeper face (black squares, of course!) with black frosting.

Buckets of rare metals and gems: Label bowls or small party buckets and place blue, green, red, yellow to represent diamond, emerald, redstone, and gold.

Minecraft pinatas: You can find various Minecraft pinatas--such as Steve, a Creeper, or TNT--through retailers. Or if you're feeling creative, you can find instructions for how to make your own.

Minecraft party bags: Take green bags and use either black washi tape or a Sharpie to make black squares for creeper faces. Fill with treats such as Minecraft-decorated treats (see below).

Minecraft take-home treats and gifts: Use green paper to cover chocolate or granola bars. Use black marker or tape to make creepr faces on the green paper. Cover square pieces of individually-wrapped chocolate with green paper and draw creeper faces on them with a black Sharpie. Or fill bags with fun Minecraft gifts like Minecraft pendants, rubber bracelets, pendants, and more.

Minecraft Zombie Manhnut, Minecraft Lego, and More Party Games and Fun

Minecraft Manhunt: This is played just like a regular Manhunt game, except with Minecraft zombies. One person is a zombie (the seeker) and the rest are Steve. The zombie seeker goes around and finds and tags the Steves with big stickers that say "zombie." As each Steve is tagged, he becomes another zombie seekers. The game is over when all the players are zombies.

Minecraft Lego Building Contest: Have kids work together in teams to make Minecraft Lego sets. The first team to finish a set wins!

Minecraft Party Photo Booth: One of the trendiest things to rent for a party these days are photo booths. Get some fun Minecraft props like foam swords and pickaxes, pixelated sunglasses, and more, and make a pixelated background for the photo booth (pixelated white clouds against a blue sky with pigs in the background next to trees, for example). Guests can have fun having photos taken of themselves and take home copies as souvenirs.

Draw your favorite Minecraft skin or character: Supply kids with crayons, markers, and paper and have them sit down and draw pixelated versions of themselves or friends or draw their own favorite Minecraft character. They can even create their own unique Minecraft skins.

Featured Image Credit: MinecraftPartySolved