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Most Popular Kids' Party Themes: Star Wars Party for Padawans

Katherine Lee


It's hard to believe that Star Wars, the little movie that became a force to be reckoned with, was released way back in 1977. Today, the Star Wars force, (with all its sequels, spin-offs, merchandise, and more) is still strong with kids. That makes it one of the popular kids' party themes with parents and kids alike. Read on for some great ideas for how to host a Star Wars kids' party for a birthday or other kids' bash.

Stellar Star Wars Games and Activities

The beautiful thing about a Star Wars party for kids is that you'll have so many options to work with. You can come up with Jedi training games that test kids' balance, speed, and other physical skills. You can make props like lightsabers using pool noodles and tape and use Star Wars character costumes to dress up guests. And you can lay out fun toys like Star Wars Lego sets. Here are some fun ideas for games and activities for your next kids' bash.

Jedi training - balloons or bubbles
Make lightsabers using swim noodles and black and silver duct tape. Blow up several balloons and have kids keep them in the air to practice their lightsaber skills. You can also use bubbles and have kids practice hitting each one in the air to pop as many as possible. (Note: Be sure that kids have lots of room to move around so that they don't knock into each other. To avoid collisions, you may want to have kids take turns with one child "training" at each turn.) For examples of swim noodles lightsabers, see below.

Star Wars party ideas

Photo Credit: Joyful Joyful Designs

Jedi Training - Death Star Pinata
Another perfect Jedi activity can be the classic pinata breaking with a Star Wars twist. Hang up a Star Wars pinata (if you can't find one, you can make your own using a round pinata and painting it silver or covering it with foil. Or check out the interwebs for excellent how-to's like this one or this one). Have each child put on a blindfold and take a turn with a stick (his lightsaber) to try to break the pinata. When someone breaks it, he wins the training competition (the prize can be a small Star Wars Lego set) and all the kids get the toys or treats inside.

Visit from a Jedi (or Darth Vader!)
Hire someone to come dressed as a Jedi, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, or--shudder--Darth Maul. Be sure to use a party-planning service like GigMasters to hire your costumed character to ensure you get a reliable, top-notch, and vetted party professional.

Star Wars Costume Relay Race
Divide your party into two teams of kids for a race! Make 2 piles of Star Wars character costumes, and set up an easy-to-navigate obstacle course. When you say GO, one kid from each team has to find all the pieces to one character's costume from the pile, get dressed, then run the obstacle course. When they return, the next kid begins. The first team to have all their players cross the finish line wins!
Jedi Tip: make the obstacles easy enough to get through wearing a costume!

Star Wars Lego Contest
Divide kids into teams of three or four. Set out a Star Wars Lego set for each team and have them race to see which one completes the set first. (Be sure to use sets that are identical or similar in difficulty level.) You can also give out small Star Wars Lego sets in the kids' goodie bags after the party is over. (Note: For younger kids, you may want to have a babysitter or an adult supervise the set building to make it easier for kids.)

Galactic Goodies and Decorations

You'll find many Star Wars-themed baking tools, like Darth Vader cake pans or Yoda-shaped cookie cutters. And there's a treasure trove of inspirational photos of cakes and treats on sites like Pinterest. Here's one that was created to look like R2-D2. Adorable!

Photo Credit: Catch My Party

Frozen "Hoth" Chocolates
Take your favorite frozen hot chocolate recipe and some whipped cream and voila! You'll have some delicious and frosty treats to pay tribute to the icy planet Hoth.

Wookie cookies
These adorable treats by The Purple Patch are so much fun you'll want to make them again and again, even if it's not for a Star Wars party!

Star Wars party ideas

Photo Credit: The Purple Patch

Clone Trooper marshmallows
I love this idea for marshmallow treats. Just take some chocolate icing or black icing and draw Clone Trooper faces onto marshmallows. Perfect for a Star Wars party!

Photo Credit: Catch My Party

Show everyone that the force is strong with your little one! Are you having a Star Wars party for you kids? Tell us in the comments, or tag us in your Instagram photos!

Featured Photo Credit: Catch My Party