Most Popular Wedding Song Lists

Marta BlockContributor

Regular readers of the blog know that every Wednesday we publish a suggested play list for your wedding. Sometimes the list is inspired by something in the news (like last week's Olympics Inspired list), sometimes it's silly (like the Best and Worst May Wedding Songs) and sometimes, it's actually helpful (like the list of First Dance Songs for non dancers). I'm on vacation this week so rather than come up with a whole new list, I'd thought I'd give you a list of lists, the most popular of our Wedding Song lists.

1. Top Wedding Songs for Summer 2012

2. Top Ten Beatles' Songs for Your Wedding

3. Top 15 New Party Songs for Your Wedding

4. Top 5 Songs for the Do Not Play List 2012 People REALLY love hating certain songs!

5. Top Ten Songs for a Brother/Sister Dance Surprisingly, this has been far and away our most popular wedding song list! Who knew so many people were searching for music for this sort of dance.

Photo credit: Van Buren Photography