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Naked is the New Black: Why Nude Events Are Trending

Chelsea Pellegrino


Imagine:  you show up to a party, ready and excited to have a good time. You enter through the front door into a room full of strangers – completely naked. No, this isn’t a bad dream- it’s exactly what happened to GigMasters member Joe Anderson of the VIP Comedy Show when he unknowingly accepted a gig at a nudist colony!  

While wearing your birthday suit to a birthday party at a nudist colony isn’t so unusual, what about the other clothing-optional events taking place in fully-clothed communities across the United States? Don't scoff – it really is a thing.

For example, Connecticut’s prestigious Ivy League, Yale University, is not-so-secretly famous for hosting naked soirees. Party goers strip down to nothing and spend the night socializing with fellow classmates.  

When asked about the atmosphere, student Molly Clark-Barol told ABC News, "It was really low key, kind of just like any other party - except you're naked." Yalies aren’t the only ones - Brown and Harvard are a couple other notable universities that partake in these naked events.

The party doesn’t stop at campuses – public events, from World Naked Bike Rides to naked painting parties, are requesting attendees to bare it all. If you’re really curious, ask Google for “naked events” – they’ll fire back with over 145,000,000 results!

Why is this a trend- or perhaps, why wasn’t this a trend sooner? Psychologist Dr. Yvonne Kristín Fulbright, known for her appearances on the Tyra Banks show and articles in Women’s Health Magazine, helped provide us with some insight on to why attending bashes in the buff is becoming more popular.

“This may be suddenly trending in the US, but it hasn't been considered a big deal in many parts of the world for decades,” Dr. Fulbright tells us.

“The recent trend is likely piggybacking on the ‘tell all’ nature of media, blogging, and other forms of socially engaging others.” Sure, there’s the pure curiosity of it, but there’s also the bragging rights; the ability to say you’ve crossed something like that off your list. But does bare-all really mean tell-all? We sure hope these events don’t come with an Instagram hashtag!

So now, the real question is- would you host a naked party? If so, Anderson politely suggests, just be sure to fill your entertainment in on the dress code.