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Nick Lachey and the Secret Wedding Song



The feeling that we’re all feeling of “get all the loose ends tied up” before the long 4th of July weekend apparently applies to celebrity weddings, as much as the stack of papers on my desk. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz pissed off the paparazzi by taking the plunge last week after only knowing each other for about a year.

Both coming off of long relationships, the couple managed to keep their love a complete secret and therefore bypassing embarrassing/lucrative weekly magazine cover speculation. If you're planning a secret wedding, make sure to leave enough time to book a band!  Craig and Weisz met on the set of upcoming movie “Dream House” and both share a love of literature.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo – also great lovers of literature – are getting prepped for their summer nuptials. Nick told this week’s issue of Life & Style, “If she acts right, she might get a serenade! Whenever I screw up and I need to get back in her good graces, I sing. So far, it’s worked." He’s got that working for him…and let’s assume this means he’ll be breaking it out at the wedding – 98 degrees requests anyone?

(Editor's Note: If you're planning a serenade like Nick, don't wait until the last minute to plan it. My husband wanted to sing to me at our wedding, but put off planning anything until the middle of the reception, which left him searching for a song the band played that they hadn't already played and he already knew. Know what he sang to me? Hey Good Lookin!' Ah, every girl's dream.)