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Not Your Mother's Wine Tasting

Chelsea Pellegrino


This isn’t your mother’s wine tasting. There are no sniffs, swirls and sips required, and you certainly don’t have to be on your best behavior.

Welcome to wine tasting 2.0, where jeans are welcome and shoes are optional. Why? Because these wine tastings du jour take place in the comfort of your own home.

That’s right, we’re pouring you a glass full of unique new ways to host the perfect night of wine, food and entertainment. Bottoms up!

Pinot and Paint

Wine and paint studios are taking the country by storm. Instead of trekking to venue and paying for a class, host your own at home! You may want to ask friends to chip in a few bucks for cost of supplies (thick paper or canvas, paint and brushes), but it’ll still be cheaper than a professional studio. For the paint tutorial, simply search for a step-by step instructional YouTube video! Best case scenario: you all have a beautiful new piece of art for your home. Worst case? You all get to drink a lot of wine.


Source- Edible Magazine

Wine around the World

Set up stations around your home, each representing a different country. At each station, serve a bottle of wine native to the respective area with a small food dish also from that region. To make life easier, assign each guest a country! Here's a handy chart of wine and food pairing suggestions from winefolly.com...


Pour Man’s Challenge

For this wine night variation, you’ll be asking each guest to come equipped with their own bottle of wine. The challenge?  It has to be under $10. (Hint: Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Walmart are just a few options with wallet friendly varietals.) Follow with a traditional blind taste test, but place a vote under which bottle you believe to be the best bang for your buck. Award a small prize to the winner, like a corkscrew or wine glass charms!


Source- TraderJoes.com


Once you decide on the style of party, it's time to line up entertainment. Our pick? Music, of course! Hire an acoustic guitarist, jazz musician or other type of performer to play ambient music while you and guests sip. 

No matter which variation you choose, we're positive every guest will have a grape, er, great time. We'll drink to that!