Office Christmas Party Ideas and Rules

Drew Stoga


Listen carefully office party planners:  Your office Christmas party or office holiday party does NOT need to be lame! Never again should you and your co-workers have to spend a corporate Christmas party forcing small talk and watching the clock. You can have fun!  You should have fun! Our holiday office party ideas can help you and your co-workers have fun and stay out of trouble.

Here a few things to think about when planning your office holiday party:

1. Keep Yourself in Check! Remember: a work party is still work.  Even if the party is off-site, your co-workers and bosses will remember how you behave (well, those that lay off the eggnog will).  Your office holiday party is an opportunity to let your hair down and have fun, but it is also a chance to impress your co-workers and bosses.  Focus more on talking to the right people and less on your next drink - which leads us to…

2. To Booze or not to Booze? Serving alcohol at an office party can be a good way to loosen everyone up.  The problem is, it is also a good way to get into trouble.  When everyone returns to work the day after the party, you want them talking about how much fun they had, not gossiping about Debbie from Accounting.  Remember to serve plenty of tasty alcohol-free alternatives  to help keep co-workers stay out of trouble.

3. Even Santa Needs Help. Organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to get the whole office involved in the fun.  Plus everyone will know just how many co-workers they should be buying gifts for: one. is an awesome site and a Secret Santa life-saver.  Using wish lists, message boards and secret questions, Secret Santas get to anonymously find out what their co-workers really want, and what they really don’t want (no ties and no chocolate for me please).

4. The Life of the Party! We have a great way to avoid office party boredom: hire a world-class entertainer to keep things interesting.  In addition to more traditional holiday fare like Christmas carolers and handbell choirs, we have booked stand-up comedians, impersonators, magicians and more for holiday parties. You can also find a fun party theme from The Bash to kick it up a notch!

Keep poor Debbie from Accounting out of trouble, hire a professional to entertain your co-workers this year!

Happy (Holiday) planning everyone!