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Parties We Love: Unique Baby Shower Themes

Six different, unique baby shower themes for your upcoming party.

Grace Peisker


Needless to say, getting prepared for a baby is a lot of work. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, but it also entails nine months of baby-carrying pains, along with countless books and articles (and sometimes unsolicited advice, sorry mom-in-laws). However, there remains a fun fixture of pregnancy that is as entertaining as it is helpful: The baby shower.

Acclimate yourself to all things baby by throwing a shower. This celebratory party is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family before the business of being a new parent kicks in. Most importantly, a shower will help you gather everything you need, from a towering diaper cake to the future VIB (very important blankie).

We’ve rounded up our favorite creative baby shower themes, perfect for Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds and baby scrapbooks. Each theme breaks down the fun by providing inspiration for venues, food, drink, entertainment and plenty of creative details. Plus, each theme is gender-neutral or easily tweakable.

Desert Oasis Baby Shower


Photo Credit: Brooks Captured Moments

Embrace the outdoors in this baby shower, full of ambiance and relaxation. Maybe it’s the blush pink and forest green color palette or copious amounts of cacti, but this theme is best for the family that practices positive vibes. Check out this lush decor and outdoor venue, dessert bar and baby shower cake, a self serve drink station and more. 

Royal Baby Shower


Photo Credit: Casey Hendrickson Photography

Excited for your little prince or princess? Gather the kingdom to celebrate the new addition to the family. This shower has major class and goes all out to celebrate, while still keeping a playful energy. Host in a ballroom, the closest thing you’ll get to Kensington Palace. Food includes a dessert bar and a baby shower cake, plus plenty of champagne. 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower


Photo Credit: Images by Amber Robinson

This classic nursery rhyme is reinvented into a cozy and cute baby shower for a boy or girl. This shower is timeless, with whites and golds made to complement a dusty pink or blue.  Host in a loft, treat guests to a parfait bar, signature drink and baby shower games. Maybe this is the perfect mix of classic and glam?

A Star is Born Baby Shower


Photo Credit: Kathryn Colby Photo

Does your family have star-power quality? Is your baby the next big hollywood talent? This Star is Born baby shower is full of glam and glitz, fit for any A-lister. Go all out with a balloon and sequin wall, delicious catered food, an outdoor canopy or loft venue and plenty of movie references.

Mother of Dragons Baby Shower 


Photo Credit: Michelle Dudley Photography

Whether you’re a Targaryen or not, this Game of Thrones fantasy baby shower will prove your fierce love. Go full fiction with scaly decor, decorative fur throw blankets and even swords. Hire a florist for wintery roses and a deep red, light cream and forest green color palette. Costume is optional!

Dr. Suess Baby Shower


Photo Credit: Demi Mabry Photography

This party really looks like it came straight out of Green Eggs and Ham. This party is a playful classic, chalk-full of references we’ve known since Pre-K. Practice your rhymes and get on some primary color decorations. From invites to thank-you notes, weave in cute cartoons and poems. Close the party with a delicious baby shower cake.