Do People Actually Stick to Party Budgets?

You only have $100 left, but that ice sculpture is really calling your name...
Andrea Fowler

Andrea Fowler


When you’re getting ready to celebrate a special occasion or holiday, the first step in party planning is establishing a budget. Okay fine, the first-first thing you do might be to look through Pinterest, but the real check-list starts with budgeting.

After picking a theme and thinking over decorations, 89% of people planning a party set a budget for their event. And what does that budget look like? Most of it goes toward food and drink, then entertainment or services (think: live music, photographer or something holiday-specific like a Halloween party psychic), followed by the venue cost and rentals, and finally, decorations.

That breakdown is all well and good, but do people actually stick to budgets? For the most part, the answer is yes. Almost 70% of people stay on target or come in under their original budget. (Am I the only one who springs last-minute for 50 cactus-shaped cups and matching flamingo straws?)

See below for even more fun facts, from themes to budgeting, to help you plan the perfect party.

infographic depicting data around party budgets