Party Theme Inspiration: Winter Olympics

Brittany AndersonContributor

It’s 2018 and you know what that means: time for the Winter Olympics! They begin on February 9th, and are the perfect opportunity for a fun and unique kids’ theme party. 

Commence! Start your Olympics-themed party like the real games with an opening ceremony. The Olympics incorporate a variety of talent into their ceremony such as dancers, musicians, and acrobats. Some kid-friendly entertainment that would make for a great show includes: a magician, children’s singers, or a clown. If your kids like to be in the spotlight, let them do the performing! Hire a photographer or videographer to capture those moments so that you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Schedule time for an official Olympics viewing. Since some of the events take place later in the evening, you can record your favorite or most popular games and then watch them at your convenience! Pass out fan memorabilia, such as flags and foam hands, so everyone can cheer on their favorite countries and athletes.

Once everybody is inspired, it’s time for some games of their own! Bundle up and head outside for some relay races, sledding, or even a snowball toss. If you’re looking to stay indoors, you can create an indoor long jump with the floor marked short distances with some tape or have some less-traditional, but super fun games, such as an egg and spoon race or hula hoop contest. Don’t forget to hand out medals to the winners!

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