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Party Tip: How to Stock a Bar

Marta Block


About a month ago we gave some common guidelines for how to figure out how many drinks to buy for a party. But the alcohol is only part of the story. You also have to stock the rest of the bar.

Ice: If you are expecting most people to drink iced mixed drinks (Rum and Coke, as opposed to a Martini or beer or wine) or soft drinks, you'll want about one pound of ice per person. Obviously, you'll need more in the summer and less if most people will be drinking wine or beer.

Mixers: As we've mentioned before, one way to save money on your party is to not try to serve every kind of alcohol. Once you pick one or two drinks, you can get a variety of mixers to match. The most common mixers are Coke, Tonic Water, and Selzer Water. Juices are used more often with clear liquors (vodka and gin). Lime juice and lemon juice can be used in a variety of drinks. Buy your mixers in bottles so that unopened bottles can be returned. Don't forget, you'll also need glasses, napkins, and bar tools.

What are your favorite items for a bar? Let us know in the comments below.