Party Tip: Snow Party!

Drew Stoga


Snowed in? Snow bound? Snow crazy? As I type I am watching big, fat snowflakes fall outside my window.  But don't worry, we wouldn't let a little snow stop us from offering you a great Friday party tip or two... Don't let the winter weather stop you from having a great time.  As soon as those roads are plowed you and your friends are going to be looking for any excuse to get out of the house or at least do something besides sit around in pajamas (though that sounds fun too).

Why not invite the gang over to your house for a Snow Day Party? Hot chocolate for the kids and maybe something stronger (Hot Toddies? Hot Buttered Rum? Irish Coffee?) for the adults. Try your hand at  serving warming comfort food like French Onion Soup, Grilled Cheese and Beef Stew. Stay cozy inside by the fire or brave a trip to the sledding hill.

If you truly are stuck inside, classic board games and old movies should be enough to keep the crowd entertained. Whatever you do on your snow day, make sure you are safe.  And make sure you enjoy the day off.  After all, you only get so many snow days in life - make them count!

Let it snow!