Penguin Themed Birthday Party Ideas


It can be hard feeling inspired in winter, especially when it comes to children's birthday parties. We can't rely on the weather to provide fun outdoors activities, nor can we count on cutesy party decorations that is ever so abundant in spring and summer.

And this is where a Penguin Inspired Birthday theme comes in very handy – It offers the perfect seasonal party theme, and the party decor, food, favors and activities you offer can be adapted to suit boys and girls of any age!

As you can see from the inspiring ideas we collated, it does not have to be all black and white either! If you incorporate a dash of yellow in your styling, it can help inject much needed warmth and add a little freshness to the party decor.  

Get the look (from top left to right): Yellow Polka Dot Balloons,  DIY Snowflake Scarf Party Favor, Party Hats Embellished with Penguin Party Printables, Yellow Candy Sticks, Igloo & Penguin Cake, Fondant Penguin Cupcake Toppers  

Featured Photo: Bronnies Bakies