Photo Booth Fun: Host a Holiday Picture Party

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Soon, your mailbox will be filled with beautiful holiday photo cards. The story behind the card is usually anything but picture perfect. Getting those pictures? The struggle is real.

Getting everyone dressed up and silently praying nothing messes up those outfits before the shoot. Waiting in line at the mall and/or fighting with your camera’s timer…it’s all more holiday stress than you need.

This year, host a holiday picture party!  Hire a photo booth company to set up, and invite all your friends to do the photo thing. For families, this is a wonderful way to spend time with friends AND be productive. Win-Win!

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Photo Lounges for Families

Photo booths aren’t really the small boxes you squeeze into anymore. PDX  Photo Lounge in Portland, OR specializes in open air set ups. Most companies only require a 10’x10’ space, and can fit 15 or more people into one shot!

“Our photo lounge has a real professional photographer that shoots high resolution images with a professional camera and professional lighting,” said Shanti from PDX. “Unlimited prints are available during each event, and we provide all our clients with a disk of high resolution images.”

These photo lounges let everyone see what’s going on. And they can get through a ton of pictures.

“We can get 30-40 groups through per hour with printed pictures,” Jim from Jensen Entertainment & Photo Booths of Chicago. His company has a 2 hour minimum, which is a great length of time for families with small children.  He says they strive to keep the experience fun.

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How to Host a Holiday Picture Party

Throwing a holiday photo booth party is super easy. Just set up your normal holiday party goodies - decorations, food, and festivities. Let your guests know about the photo booth, and be clear that they should be all dolled up and holiday-card ready. 

Speak to a photo booth vendor to make sure you have the right amount of space, a good area for them to set up, and that you're clear on what they will provide. Use our handy checklist so you know what to ask.

Photo Booths Bring the Fun

“For us, photo booths are part of the entertainment,” he said. “Our attendants do not sit down and just pass out prints. We keep the action flowing, help suggest fun poses, help pass out props, etc. We get hired often not just because of the quality of our prints, but because of the way we attend them.”

For holiday pictures, most companies have special holiday backdrops available. Many rely on green screen backdrops, then digitally add in fun holiday scenes. And don’t forget the man in red…

“Hiring a Santa is a great idea!” said Shanti, “Especially if you have kiddos that will be there.”

Photo Credit: GigMasters Member PDX Photo Lounge

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