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Pirate Adventure Theme Party

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Ahoy, Matey! September 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day - Arrrggghhhhh. So if your lad or lassie is fascinated with the days of swashbucklers and scallywags, let the little buccaneer sail the seven seas with a pirate themed birthday bash.

We've got ideas and tips to make sure your party planning is shipshape. No walking the plank for you!

To embark on a true pirate adventure your buccaneer should invite guests with a message in a bottle. These skull and crossbones message in a bottle invitations from Oriental Trading  are the perfect way to let guests know that they should get ready to "set sail for fun." Black, white and red (and accents of gold), make great color choices for plates, napkins, balloons and other décor for this theme. Skull balloons, pirate flags, and treasure chest or pirate ship piñatas will help shape the surroundings for pirate fun.

To decorate tables, start with black tablecloths and top them with red fish nets used as an overlay. A pirate hat makes a great centerpiece, surrounded by plastic or chocolate gold coins and jewels. When kids arrive give each of them an eye patch and a pirate bandana so they can transform from landlubbers to pirates.

You may want to purchase kits for kids to design their own pirate hats from Oriental Trading. This would make a great activity to prepare kids for their pirate adventure! You can also purchase design your own wooden treasure boxes for the kids (also sold from Oriental Trading). With some washable paint, self-adhesive jewels, and skull stickers, kids can create their own mini treasure chests to take home and fill with all of their loot. Isn't it great when a party activity doubles as your party favors?!

Of course you can't really have a pirate party without sending the kids on a treasure hunt!  Before the party you will have to purchase a treasure chest and fill it with candy, small toys and any other goodies you think the kids will love. You can always make more than one treasure chest if you are having a large group of kids and will need several prizes. Once your treasure is ready, hide it and write out the clues (hints) for finding the pirate treasure. You can create a treasure map by using a crumpled brown paper bag. You will want to make sure the clues are easy enough for your target age group to figure out. When everything is ready you can sit back and let the Party Captain (birthday child) lead shipmates to the hidden treasure.

And what's a party without entertainment? This theme is perfect for hiring a temporary tattoo artist to give all the swashbucklers genuine pirate tattoos. If you really want to surprise the birthday child, why not book a pirate costumed character to help the kids search for all the lost pirate booty.

Yo-ho-ho, we hope you enjoyed these pirate party ideas!