Black & Gold Pittsburgh Steelers Wedding Inspiration

Marta BlockContributor

Yesterday we looked at what a Packers' inspired wedding might look like. Today we'll give equal time to the other side and look at a Pittsburgh Steelers' wedding.

In some ways the black and gold wedding is much easier, it can be such an elegant color combination. Plus, you can serve Pittsburgh's own Iron City beer! But, what to serve for dinner? You could go with famous foods from the state, scrapple and Philly cheesesteak.

And what to do about the entertainment? Christina Aguillera is from Pittsburgh, so maybe using Ain't No Other Man as one of your songs? Stephen Foster is also surprisingly from the area, maybe a classic Americana band?

Or maybe, just use the color theme and stick with a great DJ who can play a little bit of everyone, including Pittsburgh native, Pery Como!