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Reading the Stars with Guest Psychic Suzan Hayden

Drew Stoga


We are all curious about the future.  A good psychic can give us a glimpse of what the days ahead may hold for us.  They can also provide great entertainment. We recently spoke with one of GigMasters’ psychics - the talented Astrologer/Psychic Suzan Hayden of Chicago, IL.  With over twenty years of experience we knew Suzan could help us provide a peak into the world of astrology.  Her answers did not disappoint!

GM:  I see that you’ve interpreted 12,000+ charts in the past 12 years. What types of things are most people looking to know when you read their charts?

SUZAN:  In actuality I've interpreted over 20,000 charts in the past 20 years. I do readings on radio and TV shows in addition to doing readings at parties and corporate events. On TV or radio shows, as well as at parties, I can adequately do six to seven readings an hour. I say adequately since people want to know about everything from personality to what they've been through and what's coming up in the next year. People usually ask about relationships, money, career or health. In relationships they want to know if there's a future with their current honey.  The next most popular question is ‘do I see them getting married or staying married.’ Money is another popular topic. Where will it come from and when? Career usually follows the money question. Do I see a change or improvement in their career?  Finally, health issues seem to be on people's minds lately with all unhealthy situations popping up around them. In all questions I show them the road map of their life and give them alternative ways to approach challenging situations. This is all done with sensitivity and humor on my part.

GM:  When you’re hired for a party, what do you need to know from the host about the party?

SUZAN:  There are a few things I need to know.  First I ask how many people will be attending and what are their ages?  I would tailor readings different for teens then I would for adults. Next I ask if everyone wants to hear everyone else's readings. Like in a wedding shower or birthday party they like everyone together. In the case of a corporate event it's usually one person at a time unless they invite someone to sit with them to listen as they get a reading. Usually if someone has to keep certain secrets from others they want it done privately. Finally I like to know what else is going on at the party or corporate event. It helps me keep the line moving and keeps people happy about the time I spent with them answering any questions.

GM:  What kinds of parties do psychic readings work well for?

SUZAN:  Astrological or psychic readings work well in most types of parties. I've done readings almost everywhere from a hair salon to Adler Planetarium to grocery stores to a convention. It's usually lighthearted and fun even though there are a few very intense readings I end up doing with one or two of the guests. I try not to linger too long on them, but refer them to do a private phone reading with me later to cover everything they need to know. Otherwise, it slows down the line at a party and I know the host doesn't want to see that happen. I usually end up finding I'm the last at the party to leave. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants a reading from me.  As the party goes on everyone shares their reading with others which gets them all excited to get a reading. Some folks linger a little longer before getting a reading, so I end up staying the longest.

GM:  What kinds of parties do psychic readings not work well for?

SUZAN:  The only types of parties it may not work well with are very loud concerts where no one can hear me or where I can't hear them. I try to always locate myself away from any speakers where musicians are playing. Even with loud music playing there's always ways of getting around the noise issue if thought out ahead of time.

GM:   When someone is looking to hire a psychic / astrologer for a party, what kinds of questions should they ask the psychics BEFORE they hire them? In other words, how does someone go about finding a good psychic/astrologer?

SUZAN: a. Always ask your astrologer or psychic if they've appeared at other parties or corporate events. That way you know they're familiar with how fast paced the readings should be. Also, they'd need to be totally tuned in right away to interpret astrological charts or pick up psychic energy. b. Ask the astrologer or psychic to do a mini-reading for you on the phone. That way you can see their style and accuracy, as well as, how well they relate on the phone. Don't give them information about you unless they ask you to agree or disagree with the reading. i.e. if they ask ‘are you married or involved or single’ that helps refine their interpretation. If they ask you what you want to know about first they are looking for information they can spit out back at you. Not good. You want it to be all them. It doesn't matter if they're certified or not. Just that they have the experience, intelligence, insight, common sense, compassion and humor that your guests can relate to in an easy way. psychic suzan hayden