Ask the Experts: Renaissance Wedding Entertainment

Marta Block


Question: How do I find minstrels with a lyre and flute for a renaissance wedding? 

A: Having a themed wedding can be a lot of fun. Choosing a theme like "Renaissance" can help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and add a little flair to your wedding that your guests won't forget. By definition, today's strolling minstrels are entertainers who present a performance without the use of formal staging, orchestration, or direction.

One such outstanding example of contemporary mass marketed art of the minstrel is Cirque du Soleil. Acrobatics, mime, poetry, and music are hallmarks of this contemporary take on minstrel entertainment.

There are many things you can do to create the feeling of a Renaissance Faire at your wedding. You can hire solo flutists and singers, who may make perfect wandering minstrels. You don't have to stop there you can choose jugglers, fire eaters, contortionists, mimes and acrobats, all of who would be equally appropriate as wandering entertainment at a Renaissance wedding.

I'm not sure if Tarot Card and other psychics are really historically accurate, but I know that they're popular at Renaissance festivals. If there's a Renaissance Faire that comes to your area, you might contact it to find additional performers. But, I encourage you to ask any performer that you're considering if they've ever performed at a wedding before. The structure of a wedding is certainly different than a faire, so it's important that whomever you hire understands the finer points of wedding entertainment.

If you're going to require specific historic costumes that the performers might not have readily available, you may need to pay extra to rent or buy the costumes for the performers. Make sure that is all spelled out in your contract. One final note, it's important to remember that your wedding isn't a big budget movie that needs historical accuracy in order to please the critics. There are no critics, just your friends and family. They love you and as long as you're happy, they'll be happy.