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Real Event: An Oktoberfest 21st Birthday Party

Lindsay Megale


Twin sisters Heather and Janell have shared birthday parties since their first one at age 5. Each party always had its own unique theme that the girls would select you can imagine the arguments over that choice! Through the years, many of their parties have been Halloween themed because of their October birthday. This year, for their milestone 21st birthday, the girls celebrated with an Oktoberfest party.


The theme of Oktoberfest was chosen by Heather because Janell had picked the theme for their 18th birthday celebration. The party was held at Noble Ale Works, a microbrewery hidden inside an industrial park. “It feels like an exclusive place, like you belong to something special,” said Janet. She also added, "Their beer is good too.”  Costumes were optional at this year's party, but one of the twins decided to wear a dirndl for the celebration! 



The girls' mother, Janet,  hired John Gilpin - DJ Nation (Long Beach, CA) for the celebration. “I didn’t want a friend of a friend or somebody’s neighbor. I wanted a professional,” explained Janet when describing her search. Janet felt extremely confident in her choice based on email exchanges with DJ Nation and the reviews on his GigMasters' profile. DJ Nation played a variety of music, especially traditional drinking songs. He shared his thoughts about the party, "It was very original to take the birthday party to the brewery to have their own Oktoberfest. It was a lot of fun."


This unique party idea was a huge success and a great way for the girls to remember their 21st! After the bash, there was a real Oktoberfest close by for everyone to continue the party!

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