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Real Event: Carnival Birthday Party

Nikki-Lynn Boath


It can be very enticing to just have a pool party for your child if his or her birthday falls during the heat of the summer months. However, pool parties can often be quite common due to parents with the same idea. Everyone wants their child to have a unique birthday experience different from the rest, and GigMasters client, Andrea, did just that! When Andrea decided to take her professional planning experience and apply it to her backyard for her daughter’s 8th birthday party, the possibilities were endless. She squashed the cliché pool party competition by planning a carnival birthday party.


Vibrant colors and endless games filled her yard, creating the perfect setting for a carnival themed play land. Andrea hung colorful curtains as backdrops for each game booth, and they were accompanied by matching foam boards with the names for each station. The games included a Coin Toss, a Cup Knock Down, and a Water Balloon Toss.  She gathered neighborhood teens to run the booths and hand out “prizes” to the contestants.


Upon entrance, Andrea handed out colorful goody bags filled with 10 food tickets and 10 game tickets. Talk about authenticity! Each child was given the opportunity to choose where they wanted to spend their tickets. The prizes that they won or bought with their tickets became their party favors! She purchased little trinkets from Oriental Trading in order to buy in bulk and save money.


With the help of GigMasters, Andrea was able to invite “Cinnamon the Clown” from Twilight 'Your' Clown and Friends to aid in bringing the carnival atmosphere to life. Cinnamon is not your typical clown! Her purple overalls and friendly smile made her more inviting to children. She cheerfully took requests for face painting and balloon animals. “Twilight was fun and cute,” said Andrea. “She even put on a short magic show for the kids!”


With hungry adults and children to please, the patio was sectioned off for sweets and other tasty treats. They rented a popcorn machine and even had a hot dog station with “the works” ! The mom of three explained, “This carnival themed party in late May worked out perfectly!  Renting a clown and popcorn machine really made the whole party authentic. Most importantly, the kids are still raving about how fun it was!”

What are some other fun themes for summer birthday parties? Tell us in the comments below!