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Real Event: International Education Week Event

Lindsay Megale


The 13th annual International Education Week was held in November throughout the United States. The week celebrates the advantages of international education and exchange worldwide. Approximately 200 international students from over 40 different countries attend Chaffey College in California, who held its 9th annual International Education Week Celebration. During their planning they turned to GigMasters to add some entertainment to their fun and festive event. 

International Education Week is part of the U.S. government’s effort to promote a mutual understanding through international educational exchanges. These exchanges are meant to prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study and learn in the United States. “It is a wonderful opportunity for us to promote our international student program and encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of world cultures. “Each year we learn a lot and have fun as well!” said GigMasters’ client Jenny.


Chaffey College opened its celebration with an international flag parade where students and staff were invited to carry flags representing the home countries of their current international student population. The parade was led across the campus by Scottish bagpiper and GigMasters’ member, Tim Burke (Glendora, California).


After the parade, GigMasters’ members Nesta Steel Drum Band (Los Angeles, California), played several songs while models prepared for the Beauty Among Cultures fashion show, which has become a favorite part of the celebration throughout the years. “There are so many countries and genres of clothing to show so it can virtually never get boring,” said Abby from Nesta Steel Drum Band.

alt The volunteer models were grouped according to their regions of origin. Some regions had a speaker providing information on the culture. Others performed traditional dances from their home country. The audience was treated to an Indian dance by two female students and a group of dancers from the Nigerian Student Association presented United Arab Emirates and Nigerian dances.


The event was held outdoors on the Chaffey College campus and was decorated with a variety of colorful flag streamers and the large flags carried in the parade. There were also several tents set up for other activities throughout the celebration. International students were encouraged to do some interactive demonstrations for the attendees. People were able to get henna tattoos, learn how to eat noodles with chop sticks, sample Arabic coffee and dates, view origami demonstrations, and try on African headpieces.


Students, faculty, and staff of Chaffey College had a great time celebrating world culture. It was a wonderful day to honor the international students that enrich classrooms and communities with their culture, their knowledge, and their diverse backgrounds.

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