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Real Event: Power Ranger Birthday Party

Lindsay Megale


The children’s hit television series, Power Rangers, has been a favorite for young kids since it debuted in the 1990’s. The long running action series features a team of costumed heroes. Currently, The Walt Disney Company owns the franchise and introduced its new series, Power Rangers Samurai, in February 2011. Now, the Power Rangers are appealing to a whole new generation of kids. 

So when GigMasters' client Michael was choosing a theme to celebrate his son Cameron’s 5th birthday, picking Power Rangers Samurai was a no brainer. Cameron is a huge fan of the Power Rangers - he loves watching the show and reading books about the rangers fighting crime. But out of all the rangers, Jayden (the Red Ranger) is Cameron’s ultimate favorite.


After finding GigMasters.com, Michael put in his request for the Costumed Character and within a day received a bid back from Heroes for Hire (Baltimore, MD) who had the perfect Red Ranger Samurai costume so he booked right away. Their family townhouse was decked out with Power Ranger plates, cups, signs, tablecloths, centerpieces, streamers, etc. Michael shared,“Believe it or not, they make Power Rangers everything for parties. I didn’t find anything at the party stores locally, but online I found basically anything and everything with the Power Rangers Samurai team on it.”


Cameron had asked his Dad if the Red Ranger would be able to make it to his birthday celebration but was told that he was probably too busy saving the world. So when the Red Ranger arrived and Cameron answered the door, he was shocked beyond belief! “It was a complete surprise to him and that was by far my favorite part of the party,” commented Michael.


The Power Ranger spoke to the kids about what it takes to be a ranger, conducted ranger training, and also took photos with the guests.  The “Power Ranger training” took place in the garage and all the kids seemed to have a great time. Before the training, the Ranger held a question and answer session with the children to get them pumped up for the training. Cameron and his guests had to pass three tests in order to become honorary Power Rangers. A short ceremony was held afterwards to induct each participant as part of the Power Ranger team. Robert Day, the red Power Ranger  from Heroes for Hire commented, "The children had a blast. The client spoke to me afterwards about how great he thought the event turned out and how happy he was with everything. Even though we receive compensation for our services, it's rewarding to know that you made the client and their child and guests happy." alt

Robert from Heroes for Hire explains, "A memorable experience starts with a believable character. We have clients that call us weeks after their event to tell us their child can't stop talking about how 'real' the character was at their party." Because of the Power Ranger's surprise appearance and excellent performance, the client told us that the very next day Cameron asked if they could call and have him come back over! "I think it's going to be a birthday he remembers for a long time," adds Michael.


Have you ever had a costumed character come to your child’s party that he or she admired? Share your comments below.