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Real Event: USA BMX Summit Seminar

Lindsay Megale


In 1975, the first national bicycle motocross event was held. Within one year, this new sport now called BMX racing, became wildly popular. In 2012, USA BMX supported over 12,000 national races and currently have over 380 BMX tracks running races all over the United States every weekend.

In February, USA BMX held its 2nd annual Bicycle Motocross Summit seminar for almost 400 track operators in Las Vegas. At this event, track operators had the opportunity to socialize, exchange ideas, learn how to improve their track, and retain their ridership. The sessions offered during this seminar covered everything from BMX track building to computer software for holding a BMX race. The event was held at the SouthPoint Hotel & Casino, one of the 30 locations that host BMX National races each year.


As the attendees entered the grand finale of the seminar, they were given the red carpet treatment at a fabulous after-party. Being that this year’s Summit was held in Las Vegas, it only made sense for GigMasters’ client Craig to hire Elvis ImpersonatorEddie Powers and a Vegas showgirl to mingle with guests.


The guests loved taking photos with Elvis. Craig commented, “Eddie is a great Elvis and really knows how to work the room. The ladies in attendance were oohing and ahhing at the chance to get a photo taken with our Elvis, and a lot of the men were also thrilled. Eddie is a great poser for photos and knew just what to do.” After taking photos outdoors, the group moved inside to the bar area where Elvis and the Vegas showgirl mingled and took more group photos.


Both Craig and Eddie agreed that this year’s seminar was a huge hit and was a lot of fun for the attendees.


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