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Ritzy Ranch vs Rustic Chic Wedding Cage Match

Marta Block


Last week we told you that The Knot was predicting "Ritzy Ranch" as one of the big three wedding trends for 2013. Some of you who don't speak fluent bridalese may be wondering,  "what the heck is ritzy ranch?" Well, it's kind of similar to another trend of the past few years, Rustic Chic. The two have their differences though and we've outlined them for you below, with lots of great eye candy to demonstrate.

The King and Queen of the Ritzy Ranch  wedding (as seen above) come from noble lineage indeed. Lauren Bush and David Lauren, whose fathers (George W. Bush and Ralph Lauren) invented the concept of ritzy ranch back when most of us were just calling it "rich people who also own farms."

Think everything that is wild and natural, just dressed up a little. So, wildflower bouquets - but you wrap them in lace, such as this one from Society Bride. 

red and yellow wildflower wedding bouquet

The food is served family style, but on super long elegant tables, such as this one from The Knot.

wedding table decorated for ritzy ranch wedding

Or this one from Style Me Pretty. Notice how it's outdoors, but everyone is dressed to the hilt and the twinkling lights add sparkle to everything. Pure Ritzy Ranch.

elegant wedding table outdoors

So, what then is Rustic Chic? Well, basically the same thing but a little less Dior and a little more DIY. This Cranberries and Wheat Inspiration Board from Burnetts' Boards gives you an idea. See the flowers in pitchers, not vases, and the stalks of wheat instead of flowers? Also, chalkboards are a dead giveaway for rustic chic.

cranberry and wheat inspiration board

In Ritzy Ranch everything is very down home, but it matches perfectly. In Rustic Chic, it doesn't even have to match as you can see in this photo from OneWed.

rustic chic wedding reception tables

The wildflowers are wild and the drinks come in mason jars. Although the board in this photo from Every Last Detail appears to be dry erase, not chalk, the folksy message definitely puts these mason jars in the Rustic Chic category.

mason jars for drinking at wedding

Do either of these styles speak to you? Who do you think wins the face off, tell us in the comments below and don't forget to check out last week's jazz age cage match.