Royal Wedding Music, Available for Download



This just in: the music from the Royal Wedding ceremony will be available for download just hours after the couple says, “I do!”

Not only are the tunes they choose sure to set the stage for Royal nuptials down the line, they can also spark ideas for your ceremony, whether it’ll take place in a barn or Westminster Abbey.

Choosing ceremony music was once a mundane, even passed-over decision, much like what to serve for the main course on Thanksgiving, but lots of couples are now changing it up. Who can forget the Chris Brown “Forever” procession/YouTube sensation?

A more toned-down, realistic way to meld the old with the new is to have just a contemporary recessional song. Of course, venue is a big dictator here as a conservative house of worship isn't likely to be pleased about an electric guitar riff--although you never know. Make sure to talk your choices over with your officiant or the music director at your church or synagogue.

“The Royal Wedding: TheOfficial Album” will feature recordings from the London Chamber Orchestra and the Fanfare Team from The Central Band of the Royal Air Force.

A betting gal would say that Prince William and Katherine stay classical all the way, but you never know.

Gigmasters tip: Feel free to get ideas from your reception band or DJ for ceremony music, too—these are people that attend WAY more weddings than the average bear and have seen it all –for better or worse.