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Royal Wedding Tip: Involving Kids



The big day is growing near and royal wedding news is being churned out almost daily at this point. A lot of it is just noise – designers, fashion commentators, florists and bakers offering up their predictions on royal this-and-that. Call me sentimental (mental being the key word, my husband would say) but there’s something about children being able to cash in that just tears away any judgment I harbor for the others.

Though it’s been announced that the couple have chosen traditional hymns, choral arrangements and newly commissioned works for their wedding, we've also heard that  “children from Bucklebury Church of England Primary School in the Berkshire parish where the bride-to-be grew up have written and recorded their own song…and they are planning to send a copy to the couple as a gift.”

All I got from my ring bearer was a refusal to walk down the aisle after he kicked the ring pillow. This is a cute idea for couples with a lot of children in the families –as long as they’re semi-cooperative and semi-on-key.

If you have a live band and want to involve the kiddies, see if they can join in for a fun number late enough that it’s party time, but early enough that the kids aren’t wired or zombies. Think fun, pop culture songs that are of course G-rated or go old school and play a round of “farmer and the dell” or “the hokey pokey.”

Let’s just hope these Bucklebury kids don’t choose London Bridge for their musical gift!