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Sesame Street Veggie Trays: The Story

Nicole Steeger

Nicole Steeger


Do you love the above picture? You aren't alone. This adorable veggie display is from a first birthday party we featured on the blog a few months ago. Since pinning it to Pinterest it's been repined over 200 times! We wanted to find out the story behind this popular image so we asked Palwasha Babar, the mom of the birthday girl, for more info.

Q: Where did you get that great idea?

I was looking for some fun and healthy food options for Aya's birthday and kept coming across fruit and veggie trays. What really caught my eye was a smiley face made out of cut pineapple. I started thinking about making a little Elmo veggie tray out of grape tomatoes and the idea just kept growing and growing! Broccoli for Oscar? Why, of course! Blueberries for Cookie Monster? Perfect! As you can see I tend to get carried away with my themes.

Q: How did you figure out how to arrange the veggies?

I purchased some clear round trays and small white paper cups for dipping sauces from the Dollar Tree (best store on the planet!) When arranging the fruit or veggies start in the middle and work your way out. For Elmo I used grape tomatoes for the red part of his face, carrot sticks for his nose, and olives for his mouth. I put together the mouth and nose first and then added the tomatoes. I rearranged the tomatoes until I was satisfied with the way Elmo looked. For the eyes I used small paper cups filled with ranch dressing and dropped two olives in them for the eyes.

For Oscar I used broccoli cuts for his face, olives for his mouth, and carrot sticks for his eyebrows.

Cookie Monster was made with blueberries and his mouth was made from blackberries. Cookie Monster's eyes were made from two small paper cups filled with white fruit dip and again I added two olives for the eyes.

Q: Did kids and adults eat from the trays?

The kids and adults absolutely loved the trays! I was surprised to the see the trays cleared out before the pizza.

Q: Have you done anything else similar?

I've made little tomato people using plum tomatoes and stuck cucumber slices on their head to look like hats. My 2yr old daughter thinks they are a hilarious.

Q: Any tips for someone who wants to make something similar?

Always make sure to use good quality fruits and vegetables, nothing frozen for the best results. Be creative and don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, the kiddies aren't too critical!

Thanks Palwasha for sharing your tips and thanks to Uzbin Photography for submitting the photo to us via Two Bright Lights.