Social Media Tips for Your Wedding

Marta Block


A few years ago brides would have been strongly advised not to mention their weddings on Facebook, today, they're using Facebook to collect addresses. There are so many social media sites and the rules change so quickly it's hard to know what to use for what. That's why we're happy to welcome guest blogger Sierra Penrod of Beside You Forever, a company that creates custom wedding websites. Sierra has some tips on good and polite ways to use social media for your wedding.

Special to GigMasters from Sierra Penrod of Beside You Forever

1. Pinterest

Use: Pinterest could basically plan your wedding for you. Pinterest, which started as a hub for architects to post their work, has exploded into the social network of choice for wedding inspiration, and there’s almost no way to abuse its internet powers with bad social form (so far, although I'm sure someone will do something offensive soon).

2. Wedding Blogs:

Use: Wedding blogs like this one, or Beside You Forever's to keep you awash in inspiration and updated on the latest ideas.

Abuse: Be careful not to get too inspired! If you spend too much time on blogs you can start to lose track of your own ideas, and your own budget.

3. Facebook

Use: Sharing your big news and posting pictures can be a blast. Facebook can also be very helpful in communicating with the bridal party.

Abuse: Don’t let your wedding bombard your Facebook. Remember that your continual updates about dress fittings and ring sizing show up on Newsfeeds, whether others want them there or not. And, brides, if you’ve been married for more than a year, it’s time to change your profile picture.

4. Twitter

Use: You may think of Twitter as a way to communicate with friends, but did you know that wedding businesses use it to promote themselves to each other? You can find amazing tips and articles by following local and celebrity wedding people. Follow your own potential vendors to get a sense of how they think of themselves (and sometimes, how they talk about their clients). Follow celebrities to get great inspiration.

Abuse:  Just like with Facebook, your fellow Tweeps really don't care about every single dress fitting.

Social media is a planning bride's best friend, but remember to use it tastefully. Get inspired by Pinterest and blogs. Create a wedding websiteand link to it on Facebook. Put that social media to use!