The Best Christmas Albums of All Time?

Drew Stoga


Not to be a Grinch or anything, but I find a lot of Christmas music to be…annoying.

There, I said it.

I am all for holiday cheer and good will to men – but if I hear "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime" again, I might lose it. And what really gets to me is there is so much wonderful holiday and Christmas music out there! In an effort to avoid a scene and keep me out of trouble, every year I hunt for great Christmas music to play over the Holidays. 

Below you will find what I think are a few of the best Christmas albums out there.  I hope they help keep the peace at your Christmas dinner:

A Christmas Gift to You from Phil Spector – Before Phil went completely off the reservation, he was regarded as a studio genius who collaborated with the likes of The Beatles, Ike and Tina Turner and the Righteous Brothers.  He also created this classic Christmas album which features The Ronnettes, The Cyrstals and Dariene Love doing soulful versions of some iconic holiday favorites.

The Complete James Brown Christmas – Over his fifty year career the Godfather of Soul released three Christmas albums - Christmas Songs, A Soulful Christmas and Hey America.  A few of the songs miss the mark but if you are looking to add some funk to your Christmas – look no further than the track ‘Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto.’

Elvis Christmas – All of the King’s Christmas classics on one great collection.  A little gospel, a little rock, all Elvis.  If you dig this album why not hire an Elvis impersonator to help out the carolers at your Christmas party?!

Gene Autry Christmas – It is not Christmas at our house until we put on this collection by the singing cowboy himself, Gene Autry.  Merry Texas Christmas, You All!

I hope these Christmas albums help you have an amazing holiday.

Merry Christmas everyone!