The Perfect Entertainment for the Perfect Cocktail

Drew Stoga


Foodies love to talk about pairing meals with the perfect glass of wine or cocktail. You know - Chianti with filet, Sauvignon Blanc with salmon...that kind of thing. Well that's all fine and good but what finding the perfect drink for the perfect entertainment? We believe that great entertainment goes well with just about everything, but here are a few of our favorite summer entertainment/cocktail pairings. Enjoy!:

Blues Brothers Cover Band: Orange Whip "Who wants an orange whip?"

Flamenco Guitar: Rioja (wine) A bold Spanish red seems like a no-brainer for Spanish guitar.

Frank Sinatra Impersonator: Johnnie Walker Blue Label (scotch) Get it? Blue label - Ol' Blue you got to figure Frank only sipped on the best.

Hula Dancers: Blue Hawaiian Never had one myself, but they look pretty delicious - in an electric blue kind of way.

Mariachi: Pacifico (beer) You could also substitute in any number of fine Mexican cervezas like Dos Equis, Tecate or Negra Modela or of course a nice margarita. Either way, don't forget the lime.

Reggae: Red Stripe (beer) There are plenty of great Jamaican rums too but Red Stripe and reggae are a pretty great combo.

Zydeco: Abita (beer) I don't know if it's what really Cajuns drink (probably not) but for my money Abita is some of the best beer around and is proud product of the state of Louisiana. Abita Amber is light enough for summer and the Purple Haze has just the right amount of raspberry.  

What is your favorite summer drink? And what type of entertainment does it remind you of. Leave us a comment to let us know!