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Themed Weddings: Doing It Right

Marta Block


We love themed weddings at GigMasters. Every year around Halloween we set off looking for the most outrageous Halloween-themed weddings, and we've published dozens of real weddings with themes ranging from circus to super heroes to Christmas.

But compared to the rest of wedding tradition, the idea of a "theme" is still pretty new. What is a themed wedding? How do you make it work?

At it's simplest, a theme is just a unifying force for your wedding. Having a theme can make decisions easier. For example, if your theme is "rustic chic" you know that as cute as they are, these little black dresses are not a good fit for your bridesmaids.

polka dot bridesmaid dresses(Image courtesy of The Black Dress)

At it's most complicated, a theme wedding completely controls every aspect of your wedding, which, as this peacock wedding inspiration board shows, can get a little overwhelming.


The trick to a great theme wedding is to keep the theme in mind when planning, but not to let it take over. Letting a theme take over turns your wedding in to a theme party. As the cakes below show, keeping a theme vague, e.g. magic, is easier to keep under control than a very specific theme e.g. Harry Potter.

altPhoto Courtesy of Nerd Cakes



Ultimately of course, your wedding should suit you. If a full out themed wedding complete with guests in costumes is what floats your boat, than it's the way to go. But, just keep in mind that a middle ground is possible