Top 10 Song Suggestions for the Royal Wedding

Marta Block


If you're in the wedding business, or you own a TV, you can't escape it. The royal wedding is coming, and it's coming soon. One question remains what songs will the royal couple play at their ceremony and reception? Well, as you might imagine, we have some suggestions!

10. Kiss Me Kate - Cole Porter

9. The Queen and the Soldier - Suzanne Vega

8. Playing with the Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton

7. Someday My Prince Will Come - The Supremes

6. Prince Charming - Metallica

5. Two Princes - Spin Doctor

4. Dancing Queen - Abba

3. Sweet William - Mille Small

2. Her Majesty - The Beatles

1. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols

And of course, anything by the following bands and performers: Kings of Leon, Queen, Prince, King Crimson, Duke Ellington, Gypsy Kings, Queen Latifah, or BB King.

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Do you have other suggestions for great songs for the royal couple?