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Top 10 Wedding Songs for Girl Power

Marta Block


Tomorrow is International Woman's Day. If you're a wedding planning bride you may be a little stressed out and in need of a little old fashioned, musical empowerment. So we give you 10 songs that are both good for your self esteem and good for your wedding. You can use these for a bouquet toss or a special bridesmaids dance, or just for fun. Of course, we also give you five songs about women that you should probably avoid on your wedding day.

Ten Great Weddings Songs that Celebrate Women

10. American Woman - The Guess Who

9. It's a Man's World - James Brown

8. Smart Girls - Weezer

7.  California Girls - Beach Boys

6. Survivor - Destiny's Child

5. Wannabe - Spice Girls

4. Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

3. Respect - Aretha Franklin

2. All the Women I Am - Reba McIntyre

1. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper


5 Songs about Women to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

5. Witchy Woman - The Eagles

4. Stupid Girls - Pink

3. Girls, Girls, Girls - Liz Phair

2. Evil Woman - E.L.O.

1. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen